CD «Chess trainer» (6 languages)

300 MDL


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The Chess Trainer is recognized as a superior method to learn chess with 45 lessons and 1900 exercises. It is particularly suitable for beginners but will also benefit intermediate players and sharpen their skills.

This upgraded Chess Trainer CD includes German, English, Dutch, Spanish, French and Russian languages.

The Chess Trainer is included in the Chess Starter Box Blue and Chess Starter Box Red.

Interactive learning

Very suitable for beginners

Includes Fritz 12 chess playing software

This upgraded Chess Trainer has a total of 1900 exercises. Covering 45 subjects, is the perfect way for beginners to learn chess and for intermediate players to improve their game.

The DGT Chess Trainer covers all chess rules and essential combinations. With 45 highly interactive lessons this is your personal tutor and private chess teacher.

The lessons start at the very beginning, explaining the board set-up and the rules for moving the pieces. The lessons are supplemented by over 1900 exercises. As you learn and work your way through the exercises, it will grade your results, and give you hints and tips if requested.  

 The upgraded version DGT Chess Trainer installs on the hard disk of your PC.

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