Chess set 3 in 1 magnetic #2

350 MDL


Total weight:
1 kg
2 мм
Materials used:
3 in 1 Chess Gameboard Set: Play chess, checkers, and backgammon while on the go, if you get bored of one game, you can flip the board to start a new game, is a must have for long road trips.Magnetic Chess Board and Checkers Set: Both base board and game pieces are magnetic, the magnets are not very strong, but enough to keep all the pieces in place for gentle shaking or movement.Perfect Game Board Size: Large size(31.5x31.5cm) not only for playing on the go or while laying in bed but also the foldable size (31.5x15.7x3.8cm) extremely easy for carrying, ultra-portable! And chess pieces are big enough that they're easy to grab and place accurately
Folds and Latched Chessboard: Folds and closes nice, all pieces can stay inside the gameboard when closed and latched.

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